Volume 1, Issue 22

Volume 1, Issue 22

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Volume 1, Issue 22

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  • Mass to vote on ‘Death with Dignity’
  • Reaching Across the Aisle and Spreading the Love, Farrakhan Tells the President to be “A little black”
  • UAE holds world’s largest biometric database
  • Detroit homeowner forced to share place with squatter
  • Japan’s child porn addiction
  • Israel developing ‘digital Iron Dome’ to guard against cyber-terrorism
  • CAIR: ‘Not Acceptable’ to Portray Jihadists As ‘Savage’
  • The Failure of Social Justice
  • Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Blame Game
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center Criticized as “Dangerous” in OP/ED
  • Obama Administration Had $2 Billion in Extra Consulate Security Money When Benghazi Attack Occured
  • Conservative Cries Foul About being Passed Over for Jobs
  • Radical Islam, an Exclusive Prep School and the NH Governor Wanna-be
  • This is a Recovery?
  • Solyndra Claims Chinese Conspiracy Ruined It
  • New Western intelligence: Syrian rebels don’t have numbers to win
  • Report: 88 tortured, 34 killed in Morsy’s first 100 days
  • Oh Joe…. Would You Know Reality if it Bit You in the Bum?
  • ‘You’re nearly three, you need to toughen up a bit’
  • Newly discovered planetary system has 4 stars
  • CIA: Flying Skyhook wasn’t just for James Bond, it actually rescued agents








Mass to vote on ‘Death with Dignity’

Commentary: “Death with Dignity” or the right of terminally ill patients to end their own lives will appear on the MA ballot next month. As reported by the Boston Globe,

“Patients with six months or less to live would have to request the prescription three times from their doctor — twice verbally and once in writing. They would have to take the drug themselves and be deemed capable of making an informed decision.”

Predictably the measure is supported by AIDS Action Committee and the ACLU of Massachusetts and opposed by the Catholic Church, the state medical society and advocates for the disabled are among opponents. According to UPI.com, critics of “Death with Dignity” say a mental health evaluation would not be required and physician estimates of how much time people have left are not always accurate.”


Given that it’s MA, and they really are having some serious financial difficulties with their “Romneycare”, does this referendum come as a surprise to anyone?

Link: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2012/10/15/Mass-to-vote-on-Death-with-Dignity/UPI-36121350321598/#ixzz29PCyn3Ue




Reaching Across the Aisle and Spreading the Love, Farrakhan Tells the President to be “A little black”

Commentary: In a speech billed as a Muslim “blueprint for ending need and want,” Farrakhan, 79, instead offered an overtly racial two-hour sermon Sunday at an event meant to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the 1995 “Million Man March” on Washington. According to the 79 year old Farrakhan, Republicans want to keep America white and offered up a little advice for Mr. Obama,

“You aren’t going to win any more white votes by being kind and gracious,” he said, “Be a little black.”

He also tried to stress the importance of the campaign by pointing out

“Mr. President, you’ve got to realize you’re fighting for your presidential life. You’re fighting for your vision of the Democratic Party and the country.”

He is right of course, the president is fighting for his vision of the Democratic Party…. GOD help us all.

Link: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2012/10/15/Farrakhan-urges-Obama-to-fight/UPI-25411350328197/#ixzz29OfQqwoK




UAE holds world’s largest biometric database

Commentary: The United Arab Emirates has submitted itself to the World Record Academy claiming to have the world’s largest biometric database. They have 103 million fingerprint records and 15 million digital facial recognition records. This is due to a new initiative that drastically increased the number of records they had since 2009. For instance, fingerprint records went from 14 million in 2009 to 102 million at the end of September. The government states that the comprehensive database will help in the prevention of identity theft. It also means that basically anyone in the UAE can be tracked by their fingerprints and 15 million by their face through cameras. The same thing is obviously being done elsewhere, but its interesting to see a government so proud of the information it has collected on its citizens. Unfortunately I’m guessing that if it were made public, the records from the NSA and other US agencies on the American population would dwarf this record.

Link: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/government/uae-holds-world-s-largest-biometric-database-1.1089238




Detroit homeowner forced to share place with squatter

Commentary: Heidi Peterson purchased a house in Detroit for $23,000 in 2010. She lived outside Detroit for a year but returned to her home to find that a previous tenant had moved back in claiming that the home was abandoned. The tenant changed the locks, installed new appliances, and even put a $8500 lien on the home to cover the repairs. Even though she owns the house, Detroit law will not allow Peterson to evict the squatter until she files a civil action showing she is the home’s owner. The squatter, Missionary-Tracy Elaine Blair evidently believes that there is a program in Detroit that allows a person to fix up an abandoned home and then claim it. Blair is also a write-in candidate for President this year and is running as an independent. She states that she is an “advocate for affordable housing.” Now Peterson is living in the house with her one-year-old daughter and the squatter because she says she can not afford to live elsewhere.

“I thought if the house is not safe, how can I come here with my child? There’s an issue with that,” Peterson said. “But should I lose my house to a squatter because I don’t have rights to my property, or should I fight to get it back?”

If Peterson has the deed to the house and the squatter can’t produce a rental contract or some other legitimate reason for being there, how can she not get the police to evict the squatter? It doesn’t state in the article if she continued paying taxes on the property, but a year sounds like an awfully short period of time to declare a house abandoned. Also, anyone want to take bets on whether or not this squatter has ever been to an Occupy rally?

Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/detroit-homeowner-forced-share-place-squatter-article-1.1180705?localLinksEnabled=false




Japan’s child porn addiction

Commentary: Child-porn related crimes have increased fivefold in Japan over the last decade. At least 600 children a year are victimized by paedophile photographers and directors. In a 2002 government survey 10 percent of Japanese men admitted to owning child pornography at some stage. The production and distribution of child pornography was made illegal in Japan in 1999, but only one of Japan’s 47 prefectures threatens prison for the possession of such materials, a maximum of 1 year. There is a resistance in the country to combat the issue because of fears that it will harm the manga and anime industries, which regularly skirt the edge of legality as it is. Opinion polls show that most Japanese voters want stricter laws, but legislatures are currently unwilling to take up the fight ahead of an expected general election this autumn.

Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/japans-child-porn-addiction-8208043.html




Israel developing ‘digital Iron Dome’ to guard against cyber-terrorism

Commentary: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Sunday that Israel is developing a “digital iron dome” to protect the country against the daily cyber attacks coming from Iran.

“Every day, many attempts are made to infiltrate Israel’s computer systems,” the prime minister warned. “Just as we have the Iron Dome against missiles and the security fence against infiltrators and terrorism, we will have a similar protection against cyber-attacks.”

Iran has denied that it is behind the cyber attacks and stated through the semiofficial ISNA news agency that allegations of a link to the attack on Saudi state oil company Aramco were politically motivated.

LInk: http://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-developing-digital-iron-dome-to-guard-against-cyber-terrorism/




CAIR: ‘Not Acceptable’ to Portray Jihadists As ‘Savage’

Commentary: It appear that CAIR can dish it, but they can’t take it. OK, that may sound a bit harsh, but given their close association with Hamas and that their charter calls for the destruction of Israel, it seems completely appropriate.

Pamela Geller, is well known as a political activist who focuses her efforts on exposing what she believes is the truth about Islam and groups such as CAIR. In her latest attempt to highlight the organization Ms. Geller has sponsored a series of billboards in and around the DC Metro system that urge the defeat of jihad and support for Israel. One ad in for example reads, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.” This “hate speech” has CAIR’s National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper all kinds of upset. In an interview with CNS News Hooper said,

“If you look at Pam Geller’s history, everything she’s done over her entire career is designed to incite, designed to provoke, designed to stigmatize Muslims and demonize Islam,” Hooper said. “And this is the same thing.”


“It’s not so much the reference to jihad–that’s a debatable point–but it’s the reference to savages,” he added. “When you paint anyone on another side of the issue as a savage, that’s just not acceptable.”


“Even those that use violence for radical Islamic extremism?” CNSNews.com asked.


“That’s her argument,” Hooper said. “We don’t accept her argument.”


So they don’t have a problem with the call for jihad, they just don’t like being called savages. OK, got it.


For her part Geller has said her ad calls for a moral outcry against jihad, or “holy war.”

Link: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/cair-not-acceptable-portray-jihadists-savage



The Failure of Social Justice

Commentary: William Sullivan makes the case that the concept of “social justice” and the parallel ideology of President Obama, are decidedly unAmerican. This is a “pet” issue of mine, as I hear about “social justice” in academia ad nauseum. People need to start challenging the real message behind “social justice” and replace it with “equal justice”. From the article,

The truth is that Barack Obama’s vision for America entails a scenario where he can provide his promised equality, or “social justice,” by giving a select few people in Washington the right to “take things from others.” Nothing about that amounts to liberty; it’s all about establishing equality.”

Link: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/10/social_justice_is_a_proven_failure_and_so_is_obama.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter



Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Blame Game

Commentary: The State Department distanced themselves from the idea that they endorsed the “YouTube video” as the source of the now-debunked “protests gone bad” in the Benghazi attack. This article points out who is blaming who and asks the pivotal question that nobody seems to be heavily pushing in the Mainstream Media: Who told the president in the first place that the Benghazi attack was over a YouTube video? And more importantly, why did it endure for so long? Hillary, as the Secretary of State, should have known the “intelligence” coming from her department. Consider that even at the UN Meeting on 25-Sept, Pres Obama discussed the video. The elephant in the room is that the video explanation supported the idea that terrorism is on it’s way out, after the death of Osama bin Laden.

Link: http://politics.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981703012



The Southern Poverty Law Center Criticized as “Dangerous” in OP/ED

Commentary: This scathing article is heavily critical of the SPLC, and it makes sense, as the author, James Simpson, was targeted by the group (best known for his exposé on the Cloward Piven Strategy of manufactured crisis) This opinion piece resonates with me, ever since a prominent New Black Panther Party member was labeled as “right wing” and the Family Research Council was labeled as a hate group. From the article:

Instead of bothering to defend their extremist positions on issues – many of which are issues only because the Left has made them so – they use every method at their disposal to delegitimize those they see as a threat.”

The author references a quote: “I want to say plainly that our aim in life is to destroy these groups, to completely destroy them…”Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center

Link: http://carrollstandard.com/op-ed/guest-commentary/21595-new-study-on-the-southern-poverty-law-center


Obama Administration Had $2 Billion in Extra Consulate Security Money When Benghazi Attack Occured

Commentary: Rep. Darrell Issa claims the State Department will not spend the already approved funds because they didn’t want to the appearance of needing increased security.

“The fact is, they [the State Department] are making the decision not to put the security in because they don’t want the presence of security,” Issa said. “That is not how you do security.”

Link: http://www.politico.com/blogs/politico-live/2012/10/issa-state-dept-sitting-on-billionplus-for-embassy-138402.html?hp=r2_b3


Conservative Cries Foul About being Passed Over for Jobs

Commentary: Teresa Wagner believes her former work with the Family Research Council and the National Right to Life Committee was a key factor for her being passed over as a professor at the University of Iowa law school. Despite the fact that she was an alumnus, that she was a “leading candidate when two jobs came open to teach writing” and the fact that she was already working part-time at the University, the jobs stayed unfilled. From the article, “at a federal trial that starts Monday in Davenport, Wagner will argue that the law school faculty blocked her appointment [due to her conservative beliefs]”

Link: http://times247.com/articles/law-school-sued-over-liberal-bias-hiring-practices#ixzz29PNCugJH

Today’s Special


Radical Islam, an Exclusive Prep School and the NH Governor Wanna-be

Commentary: Meet Maggie Hassan, the Democratic candidate for governor in the state of NH. Maggie is married to Thomas Hassan, the principal of Phillips Exeter Academy. For those of you who are not familiar with Phillips Exeter Academy, it is ranked the number 6 school in the country and has an extremely impressive list of alumni, that includes Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.; John F. Kennedy, Jr.; both Presidents Bush along with former FL governor Jeb; Bill Belichick, coach of New England Patriots; James Spader the actor; Dr. Spock, renowned pediatrician from the 1950’s, and many more. The list is like a “who’s who” of American history, and there is no doubt that the students currently enrolled will have similar power and influence in the decades to come. So what could be the problem with that? The short answer….. Radical Islam.


Tom and Maggie Hassan with Daniel Webster portrait on http://www.exeter.edu/news_and_events/news_events_7240.aspx


To quote an excellent article by Chris Anu of the New Hampshire Herald ,

“…On Thomas Hassan’s watch, numerous Islamic scholars and activists with ties to radical Islamic groups have been invited to address student assemblies and other student forums. Among them, Hadia Mubarak, former president of the Muslim Student Association, spoke at a PEA assembly on Oct, 1, 2007. Founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, the MSA was labeled “a virtual terror factory” by terrorism expert Patrick Poole. Its former members include such notable jihadists as Anwar al-Awlaki, Ramy Zamzam, Omar Hammami, Abdurahman Alamoudi, Aafia Siddiqui and Ramzi Yousef.”


As most of our Talk of the Tavern readers know, the Muslim Brotherhood has been described as the common link between terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda, yet it is somehow acceptable for PEA to allow a student offshoot of the organization on its campus?


More disturbing than the student group however, is the litany of guest speakers that have been invited to the school since Mr. Hassan joined the staff back in 1989. They include Ahmed Bedier of the Council on American Islamic Relations aka CAIR, spoke to PEA assemblies in 2006 and 2009. Many many recall that CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Trial, the largest terrorism trial in American history. As the NH Herald article points out,

“Its charter calls for the destruction of Israel. CAIR has funneled large sums of money to Hamas. Among those tied to CAIR are Ismail Royer, Bassem Khafagi, Ghassan Elashi, Musa Abu Marzook, Imam Siraj Wahaj and Rabih Haddad – all considered to be jihadist promoters.”


CAIR Chicago 2007 Conferencehttp://www.cairchicago.org/2007/09/03/cair-hosts-speaking-sessions-and-booth-at-isna-convention/


But wait, there’s more….

“Nancy Khalil of the Muslim American Society also spoke at PEA on March 16, 2010. According to federal documents on terrorism, the MAS was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.”

We know from the HLF trial that the Muslim Brotherhood has a blueprint for overthrowing the government of the United States. The MAS is an integral part of that plan. Khalil is also a board member of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. Yusuf al- Qaradawi, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is banned from entering America, was somehow listed as a trustee for the ISB for seven years. The ISB has also written checks to the HLF, which funneled money to Hamas.”


Oh it doesn’t end there folks….

Ingrid Mattson, former president of Islamic Society of North America, spoke at Phillips Exeter in November 2005. ISNA and its affiliate organization, the North American Islamic Trust, admitted in court in 2008 that they have ties to Hamas. They funneled money directly to Mousa Abu Marzook, leader of Hamas. Federal documents quoting Hamas writings include such rhetoric as, “The day that enemies usurp part of Moslem land, Jihad becomes the individual duty of every Moslem. In face of the Jews’ usurpation of Palestine, it is compulsory that the banner of Jihad be raised. To do this requires the diffusion of Islamic consciousness among the masses, both on the regional, Arab and Islamic levels. It is necessary to instill the spirit of Jihad in the heart of the nation so that they would confront the enemies and join the ranks of the fighters.” [...]


Link: http://ohioagainstterror.blogspot.com/2008_08_01_archive.html


“Another speaker at Phillips Exeter was a Palestinian professor from Columbia University named Joseph Massad. He once called Israel a racist colonial settler state and said, “Let us imagine a world where the majority of Israeli and Diaspora Jews and their gentile supporters are no longer committed to Jewish supremacy.’”


Finally and perhaps the most disturbing of all is Jamal Badawi….

“PEA chose Jamal Badawi to address its students on April 24, 2008. Badawi has several hair-raising affiliations, including the Fiqh Council of North America. The FCNA is akin to the Supreme Sharia court of Islam in North America. Its membership has included Abdurrahman Alamoudi, Taha Jaber Al-Alawani, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hanooti, Muzammil Siddiqui and Jamal Badawi. Google their names, and you will be stunned by how many of them are either under arrest, in jail, deported or culpable of sedition. Badawi is also a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood and founder of MAS.


Link: http://www.nhislam.com/phillips-exeter-acadamy.html


The Egyptian-born Badawi gained notoriety from his book, “Gender Equity in Islam,” in which he promotes wife-beating. “There are cases, however, where a wife persists in deliberate mistreatment of her husband and disregard for her marital obligations.” Badawi wrote that under this type of situation the woman deserves “permissible beating” and “permissible striking.” Is it any shock that he was also an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF trial?”


To expand on Mr. Anu’s facts, what you might find shocking is that he spoke to students at PEA AFTER he was named in the HLF trial.


Yes, I think it’s safe to say that Maggie Hassan and her husband are capable of doing a great deal of damage on many levels. Principal Hassan obviously has great influence over future movers and shakers. Maggie could have influence over the first in the nation primary state if elected governor…. think about the state’s election board. Also, given his credentials, Thomas Hassan may very well advise his wife on education in the NH school system. It’s not out of the realm of possibility.


Ask yourself, are these the people we want influencing kids in the NH public school system? Stay vigilant America…. our future depends on it.


Much thanks to Chris Anu at the New Hampshire Herald for all of his hard work in uncovering these most frightening facts.


Links: http://www.newhampshireherald.com/ & http://www.nhislam.com/palestinians.html & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Phillips_Academy_alumni &

http://pluralism.org/about/case_study_fellows/2010 &

http://ohioagainstterror.blogspot.com/2008_08_01_archive.html &

http://www.cairchicago.org/2007/09/03/cair-hosts-speaking-sessions-and-booth-at-isna-convention/ & http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/case_docs/423.pdf & http://www.teapartytribune.com/2012/05/17/homeland-insecurity-why-is-jamal-badawi-still-allowed-inside-the-united-states/ & http://islamondemand.com/jamal_badawi_iod.html & http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2009/06/report_isna_gave_100k_to_terro.asp







This is a Recovery?

Commentary: If you checked out the Drudge Report today you will see the Michelle Obama says that thanks to her husband, ‘we are in the midst of a huge recovery’. Setting my personal thoughts on that statement aside, let us look at a new chart compiled by the staff of Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Ranking Member on the Senate Budget Committee. The chart entitled “For Every 1 Person Added To Labor Force Since January 2009, 10 People Added To Those Not In Labor Force” shows a more realistic snapshot of the current job market than what is currently being fed to the American people by the Obama administration.

Now, as I said, I am setting aside my personal feelings on the matter. it’s up to our readers to decide for themselves what the reality is based on their own personal experiences.

Links: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/michelle-obama-we-are-midst-huge-recovery & http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/every-person-added-labor-force-10-added-those-not-labor-force_654547.html




Solyndra Claims Chinese Conspiracy Ruined It

Commentary: Defunct solar energy company Solyndra is suing 3 Chinese solar panel manufacturers saying that it was a conspiracy by the companies that led to Solyndra’s demise. They claim the three Chinese companies with US subsidiaries conspired to dump solar panels on the market far below cost to drive Solyndra out of business because its technology was “an obstacle to their plans to dominate the US market.”

“Defendants initially came to the United States to raise money from American investors by selling American Depository Shares (ADS) on the New York Stock Exchange,” the complaint states. “Incredibly, defendants elected to deploy the capital they raised from Americans to destroy American solar manufacturers like Solyndra. To achieve this goal, defendants employed a complex scheme in collaboration, with each other and raw material suppliers and certain lenders, to flood the United States solar market with solar panels at below-cost prices.”

Solyndra is demanding $1.5 billion in damages for violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Cartwright Act and the California Business & Professions Code. You’ve got to love that the company that borrowed and lost $500 million from the government is up in arms that the Chinese company went to the American people for investors. Also, I wonder if they somehow win if we’re getting our $500 million back from that $1.5 billion. I’m guessing the answer is no.

Link: http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/10/15/51274.htm




New Western intelligence: Syrian rebels don’t have numbers to win

Commentary: Debka is reporting that the rebel factions in Syria only have 30,000 members total, a far cry from an expected 70,000. 10 percent of those forces are also said to be members of jihadi groups linked to Al Qaeda. This is in contrast to the pro-Assad forces that are at 70,000, united behind one leader, and being supplied and trained by the Iranians and Russians. There are also reports that Hezbollah is assisting Syria and that the combined assistance to Assad has turned the conflict in his favor. The article goes on to state that President Obama is currently trying to keep Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in check and prevent other Arab states from supplying the rebels with heavy arms. With an election this close I’m sure the president would like this conflict to take a back seat on the world stage. Bringing the United States formally into another conflict overseas would not be popular, especially when it would be to back a force that is 10 percent Al Qaeda affiliated. Assad has the infrastructure, the weapons, and the forces to hold onto the territory he controls, especially if he’s getting aid from Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. If the rebel numbers are really this low, it doesn’t bode well for them. As has been previously stated their aid is also being held up by donors who don’t want to turn over aid until there is an established hierarchy in the rebel forces. Right now there are too many cooks in the kitchen and no one wants to accidently donate aid to the wrong side. This also would explain why Turkey is suddenly so interested in NATO involvement and entering the conflict themselves. If the rebels are losing ground as this article suggests, then they are in real trouble of a stalemate situation where the unrest continues for years to come.

Link: http://www.debka.com/article/22440/New-W-intelligence-Syrian-rebels-don%E2%80%99t-have-the-numbers-to-win



Report: 88 tortured, 34 killed in Morsi’s first 100 days

Commentary: The National Human Rights Center has released a report showing that police abuses of human rights in Egypt have not significantly changed since President Mohamed Morsi took office. The report showed that at least 34 people died at the hands of police in police stations, prisons, or on the street as a result of being shot or torture. The report also showed there were at least 88 total cases of torture. In one reported case, a man was raped in front of his wife in his home by a police officer after he reported the officer for torturing him while he was detained. In another incident a woman and her daughters were tortured during the arrest of her son. She ended up being crushed to death under a police car during the incident. Finally, at least 10 protesters were forcibly dispersed during Morsy’s first hundred days. Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood turning out to be such a better alternative to a secular dictator?….. Not that either is good, but as they solidify control I see things going more in the direction of Iran then Israel as far as the rights of women, the rights of the average citizen, and pretty horrible things being done to people that step out of line.

Link: http://www.egyptindependent.com/news/report-88-tortured-34-killed-morsy-s-first-100-days










WOW! Democrats Do Know How to Scare Texans!

Excerpt: “A liberal activist group in Texas is trying to convince voters to send more Democrats to the Legislature by making an unusual pitch:


Additional cuts in public school funding could place high school football at risk.

1200 WOAI news reports that James Moore, who is with the group Progress Texas, says cuts in public education funding have already caused the Friday Night Lights to go out in Premont, near Corpus Christi.

“They eliminated all extra curricular activities,” he said. “To save money and improve grades.”

Progress Texas, which is associated with the Progress Now 401(c)(4) advocacy group, says it’s goal is to ‘communicate progressive values’ throughout Texas. It was founded by a long time MoveOn.org leader out of the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Progressive Network.

Moore points out that top Republican leaders, including newly appointed Senate Education Committee Chairman Dan Patrick (R-Houston) support school vouchers, allowing tax money to go to private schools, and he says that would ‘starve’ money away from public schools, money that is needed for extra curricular programs like football.”

Link: http://radio.woai.com/cc-common/mainheadlines3.html?feed=119078&article=10493861#ixzz29PHknf5S:




Oh Joe…. Do You Even Care About Reality?

Commentary: I don’t need to tell any of our well informed readers, but heck let me say it anyway, Joe Biden is either an incompetent moron or a bold face liar. Perhaps both. So, what am I referring to this time? Well, while speaking to college students our VP who claims to be a good Catholic, declared that Planned Parenthood “under law cannot perform any abortion.” Really Joe?


According to their own published fact sheet Planned Parenthood has performed nearly 1 MILLION abortions in just 3 years. These included 324,008 abortion in 2008, 332,278 abortions in 2009, and 329,445 abortions in 2010. While there is a law that is supposed to prevent federal dollars from paying for abortion, we do give the organization about $66 million per year in Title X “family planning” grants.


Now maybe once again Joe just had one of his amusing gaffes, but does anyone really believe that anymore? The man supposedly prepped for his debate against Paul Ryan for 6 days non-stop. It would take some serious mental gymnastics to allow yourself to believe that the prep team fed him all kinds of misinformation? No, it is more likely that Vice President Biden doesn’t really care about the facts, after all that is sort of a theme in this administration. UGH… we really do get what we deserve.

Link: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/biden-planned-parenthood-under-law-cannot-perform-any-abortion-planned-parenthood-we




‘You’re nearly three, you need to toughen up a bit’

Commentary: It’s not news, but it does prove that some 4-year-olds have more common sense and wisdom them people 4-5 times their age. In the video that has over 1 million views on YouTube, a little girl in England lectures her brother on spitting, minding his parents, and not picking fights with boys that are bigger than him. Her father put it up to show friends, but it has gone viral. The real question will be, however, if she still believes in the same advice in about 11 years…..

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-b7d48eA8M&feature=player_embedded




Newly discovered planetary system has 4 stars

Commentary: This one goes in the “how little we really know about our universe” folder. Amateur astronomers have discovered a new planet that is part of a solar system containing four stars. The planet orbits binary stars that are also orbited by another pair of stars. This makes the alien planet part of the first known quaternary star system. The amateur astronomers are part of a project called Planet Hunters. The project uses data from the Kepler Space Telescope to discover new planets. On a side note, I signed up for Planet Hunters and its actually pretty intuitive and fun to search for new worlds. Who knows, maybe you’ll get your name on a discovery!

Link: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2012/10/15/amateur-planet-hunters-find-a-world-with-a-four-star-rating/




CIA: Flying Skyhook wasn’t just for James Bond, it actually rescued agents

Commentary: In the James Bond movie Thunderball, a skyhook is used at the end of the movie to rescue bond and the requisite “Bond girl” through raising a cable with a helium balloon and having a plane spear the cable and pull the two to safety. Evidently the extraction system was based on reality and was used in the 1960’s to rescue CIA agents. Below are the directions for using this system, and I think you’ll agree that it would take a James Bond type to actually attempt this procedure. Then again, I guess if you were in danger of being captured by the KGB and this was the only way to make it out alive, it would be quite a ride.

Link: http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/cia-flying-skyhook-wasn%E2%80%99t-just-james-bond-it-actually-rescued-agents


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