Six Muslim teens receive ‘community service’ for gang raping a 15-year-old girl in Tensta, Sweden

It is hard to fathom how a 15-year-old girl would be impacted for the rest of her life after such a horrific experience. It would have been impossible for her to get away from these teens, as they repeatedly raped her and filmed it.

It happened in Tensta, Sweden.

The boys, all Muslim immigrants, were caught, convicted and sentenced… to community service. As Bruce Bawer at FrontPageMag reported, ‘all but one were required to perform a few days’ worth of community service…’ They also have to pay the victimized girl the equivalent of $8,500 dollars.

The local media reported on the story, but they largely did not report on their ‘ethnic or religious backgrounds,’ but it is as clear as their names:

  • Amer Akrem Abdu
  • Jibril Adam Aden
  • Bashir Ibrahim Hussein
  • Mohammed Yassin
  • Ben Lofti
  • Mehmet Acaralp

Why is their ethnicity avoided in the mainstream media? Another source, the Exponerat, notes that ‘four of the six young immigrants who we named early has only one guardian in Sweden – the father.’

Mehmet, by the way, escaped any punishment, as the court felt that he had ‘already been punished sufficiently because somebody had posted his photo online.’

The message is clear. Rape is not a big deal. It seems as though the real war on women, sadly, is in Sweden.

It is easy to see why ‘Swedish rape statistics are the highest in Europe.’ In fact, the local news reports,

‘The case was the third suspected gang rape to take place in the Stockholm area earlier this year. In January, three men, two of whom were teenagers, were ordered held on remand on suspicion of raping a woman in central Stockholm in December.’

What is the real incentive for these boys to change their ways? What message does this send to the victims, whose lives will never be the same?

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