Six Muslim teens receive ‘community service’ for gang raping a 15-year-old girl in Tensta, Sweden

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It is hard to fathom how a 15-year-old girl would be impacted for the rest of her life after such a horrific experience. It would have been impossible for her to get away from these teens, as they repeatedly raped her and filmed it.

It happened in Tensta, Sweden.

The boys, all Muslim immigrants, were caught, convicted and sentenced… to community service. As Bruce Bawer at FrontPageMag reported, ‘all but one were required to perform a few days’ worth of community service…’ They also have to pay the victimized girl the equivalent of $8,500 dollars.

The local media reported on the story, but they largely did not report on their ‘ethnic or religious backgrounds,’ but it is as clear as their names:

  • Amer Akrem Abdu
  • Jibril Adam Aden
  • Bashir Ibrahim Hussein
  • Mohammed Yassin
  • Ben Lofti
  • Mehmet Acaralp

Why is their ethnicity avoided in the mainstream media? Another source, the Exponerat, notes that ‘four of the six young immigrants who we named early has only one guardian in Sweden – the father.’

Mehmet, by the way, escaped any punishment, as the court felt that he had ‘already been punished sufficiently because somebody had posted his photo online.’

The message is clear. Rape is not a big deal. It seems as though the real war on women, sadly, is in Sweden.

It is easy to see why ‘Swedish rape statistics are the highest in Europe.’ In fact, the local news reports,

‘The case was the third suspected gang rape to take place in the Stockholm area earlier this year. In January, three men, two of whom were teenagers, were ordered held on remand on suspicion of raping a woman in central Stockholm in December.’

What is the real incentive for these boys to change their ways? What message does this send to the victims, whose lives will never be the same?

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  1. ML NJ says:

    They couldn’t at least have castrated the bastards?

  2. David Michael Vega Davis says:

    their religion is irrelevant, it wasn’t a rape based on religion. it was a rape based on horny teenagers being assholes. And community service……… rape needs to wield a life sentence.

    1. Noyb Nal says:

      their religion is irrelevant.. I can agree with that – to an extent. If there is a trend of this behavior, (which it seems that there is…), it needs to be called out.

      1. David Michael Vega Davis says:

        the thing is that it has nothing to do with religion. gang rape happens all the time, mostly among gangs ( aryan brotherhood and urban gangs)
        you just don’t hear about it unless the media can cause a ruckus with it.

        1. Noyb Nal says:

          Thanks, appreciate the thoughts – but I already stated my case with that. If there are trends, it is appropriate to call them out. I am unaware of an aryan brotherhood gang rape trend. Not that I don’t believe you, but do you have a source on that?

          1. David Michael Vega Davis says:

            lol, ask someone from the aryan brother hood. gang rape and kidnapping are their most effective persuasion.

          2. Noyb Nal says:

            Do you have a source? Or is this a personal experience?

          3. David Michael Vega Davis says:

            personal experience with victims and close family members of the gang. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find out what happens when people are smart enough to cover their tracks. I’m done with this boring conversation. Please feel free to continue your belief that just because someone is muslim that they are immediately scum.

          4. Noyb Nal says:

            Here is what I believe: Muslim does not equate to ‘scum’, just like white people do not equate to ‘KKK’ and black people do not equate to ‘New Black Panther party.’ But, if there is a trend, it should be addressed. In NYC, there was a recent bill proposed that would ban cops from using race or gender to identify suspects. Is that reasonable?

          5. Les Legato says:

            “The Quran is Muhammad’s battle plan for Islamic conquest.”

            Allah is Satan, and Mohammed is his demon.


            Allowing Islam into America is akin to injecting

            yourself with AIDS to prove how tolerant you are.



            The religion of blown-to-pieces…

            The religion of feces

            Q: Why is it that Christians and Jews can get along,

            Christians and Hindus can get along, Jews and Hindus can get along, Buddhists and Hindus can get along, but Muslims can’t get along with anyone?

            A: The answer can be found in both the Koran and Hadiths.


            “Islam is the most retrograde force in the world.”

            – Winston Churchill ‘


            Radical Fundamentalist Islam Is A Death Cult:



            “Register Muslims, Not Guns!”


            Islam is a “religion” the way Auschwitz was a “theme park.”

          6. Noyb Nal says:

            Thanks for your comment, Les. I appreciate the frustration with radical Islam, but I would never put all Muslims in that category. Just like I cringe when black conservatives, the wealthy, white men, Tea Party activists, conservatives, etc. are generalized and denigrated by the left, I will always look to the individual.

            Content of Character.

          7. David Michael Vega Davis says:

            i’m going to agree with Noyb there. Les, you appear to be the kind of person that has never opened a book before. Have you read the Quran? I have, Have you read the bible? I have. Have you read Torah, book of mormon? Looked into shinto, Buddhism, vedanta…..any of it? Do your self a big favor and try to learn things for yourself before you come off like a rabid lunatic on the internet. The quran, torah, and bible are essentially all the same book since they are all abrahamic religions. If you took the time to understand “your enemy”, i’d assume, you would have read that the extremists the world has seen are exactly that: extremists. You lumping muslims together in one big pot is like saying that all christians are members of the Westboro baptist church.

          8. Noyb Nal says:

            May I gently remind you that a 15-year-old was gang-raped and in Sweden, apparently, they believe ‘community service’ is a sufficient punishment. Talk about a War on Women!

            And I know this goes against your delicate sensibilities, but perhaps you can do a Google News search on ‘Terrorism’. There is no denying that radical Islam is a problem. And Muslims know this just as well as anyone else.

          9. David Michael Vega Davis says:

            I at no point in time even implied that radical islam isn’t a problem, it’s a huge issue that this country in particular has been dealing with for quite some time. I said being a muslim isn’t a problem, which is the truth. Extremists of any creed are dangerous in one way or another. May i gently reply that the teens haven’t been associated with any group that promotes rape, and that sex outside of marriage is strictly prohibited in their beliefs? There might be a trend of rape in sweden, but its not because of a religion , most likely its because of what we can see quite clearly is their joke of a punishment for it. People need to stop pointing fingers at the easiest target and digging for reasons to. A bunch of teenagers raped someone. Happens all the time here. So because they are muslim we must assume that is their drive for it.

          10. Noyb Nal says:

            It is undeniable that with stonings, honour killings, female genital mutilation, etc., that there is going to be a level of disrespect for women. And it doesn’t help that the punishment ends up being community service.

          11. Noyb Nal says:

            “According to a new study from the Crime Prevention Council, Brå, it is four times more likely that a known rapist is born abroad, compared to persons born in Sweden. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. According to these statistics, almost half of all perpetrators are immigrants.

            Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm, who has investigated violent crimes in Svea high court, found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists were born on foreign soil or by foreign parents.”


          12. David Michael Vega Davis says:

            yes, the disrespect women and utter disregard for women’s rights is completely indefensible. I don’t think anyone sane person born and raised outside of a 3rd world country could argue that. Unfortunately there really isn’t a blanket fix for a problem like that.

          13. Noyb Nal says:

            “A recent UN survey suggested an astounding 99.3% of Egyptian women had experienced harassment of one form or another”

            Their motivation is different and based on codes of morality and behavior that typify some cultures, often reinforced by fundamentalist religious dictates. In 2000, the United Nations estimated that there are 5,000 honor killings every year.

            In fact, according to a 2009 Turkish government report, 42 percent of women surveyed said they had been the victims of either physical or sexual abuse by their husband or partner

            Around 82% of Moroccan women are affected by domestic violence, said a report of the national hearing center for women victims of domestic violence (ANARUZ).

          14. Noyb Nal says:

            I was kind of with you on the religion thing – then I started doing some research. ugh. This is why I think calling it out is important – and yes, I certainly agree that the punishment is a joke – worse than a joke.

          15. David Michael Vega Davis says:

            I’d like to see what religious information you uncovered that would make it necessary to list their belief system as a reason for the violence. Worldwide, especially in asia, gang rape is beyond commonplace. Places like vietnam and laos are inundated with rape. Those fuckers aren’t muslim either, they are just assholes raised to not think anything of it.

          16. Les Legato says:

            “he quran, torah, and bible are essentially all the same book since they are all abrahamic religions.”

            You’re an ignorant loser posting BS you found on stupid Left wing and jihadi-appeasing websites

            I have read those texts, and either you HAVEN”T or if you have, you never participate in any “faith” except MARXISM or ISLAM.

            Islam as NO connection to Judaism or Christianity except that the pedophile terrorist moHAMhead made up his fake “faith” by stealing from the Jewish and Christian bibles even as he COMMANDED his followers to EXTERMINATE THEM.

            And don’t tell me they are out of context, because (a) ALL “scholars” of islam confirm these later hadiths replace the few “peaceful” early ones and (b) MUSLIMS are still acting on them AROUND THE WORLD, as opposed to any stupid quotes you will try and pull from the OT and the NT to show “jewish and christian violence” which DOES NOT EXIST in the SCOPE IT DOES IN MODERN or evenhistorical islam (here’s a hot tip, stupid: Islam slaughtered EIGHTY MILLION HINDUS).

            Bukhari (52:220) – Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious with terror’

            Qur’an 9:29-Fight against Christians and Jews ”until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.”

            Qur’an 4:91- If the unbelievers do not offer you peace, kill them wherever you find them. Against such you are given clear warrant.

            . Qur’an 9:7-9-Don’t make treaties with non-Muslims. They are all evildoers and should not be trusted.

            Qur’an 9:12-14-Fight the disbelievers! Allah is on your side; he will give you victory.

            . Qur’an 9:5 Kill the nonbelievers wherever you find them.

            Qur’an 2:191-2-Kill disbelievers wherever you find them. If they attack you, then kill them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.

            Qur’an (5:51) – ”O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

            Qur’an (2:65-66) Christians and Jews must believe what Allah has revealed to Muhammad or Allah will disfigure their faces or turn them into apes, as he did the Sabbath-breakers.

            Qur’an (4:48, 4:116)-Those who ascribe a partner to Allah (like Christians do with Jesus and the Holy Spirit) will not be forgiven. They have “invented a tremendous sin.”

            Qur’an (4:51)-Jews and Christians believe in idols and false deities, yet they claim to be more rightly guided than Muslims.

            Qur’an (5:51) Don’t take Jews or Christians for friends. If you do, then Allah will consider you to be one of them.

            Qur’an (5:80) – “You will see many of them befriending those who disbelieve; certainly evil is that which their souls have sent before for them, that Allah became displeased with them and in chastisement shall they abide.” Those Muslims who befriend unbelievers will abide in hell.

            Qur’an (3:85) – ”And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers.”

            . Qur’an 9:6-Those who submit and convert to Islam will be treated well. (Those who don’t submit will be killed. See previous verse.)

            Qur’an 5:53 Jews and Christians are losers.

            Qur’an 5:59 Jews and Christians are evil-livers.

            Qur’an 5:63 Evil is the handiwork of the rabbis and priests.

            Qur’an 5:72 Christians will be burned in the Fire.

            Qur’an 5:73Christians are wrong about the Trinity. For that they will have a painful doom.

            Qur’an 9:30Christians and Jews are perverse. Allah himself fights against them.

            Qur’an 9:34 Give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom to the rich and greedy Christian monks and Jewish rabbis.

            Qur’an 19:35-37“Woe unto the disbelievers from the meeting of an awful Day.”

            Jesus was not the Son of God. Those who say he was (Christians) are going to hell.

            Qur’an 28:62-64 Allah will taunt Christians on the day of their doom, saying: Where are My partners whom ye imagined?

            Qur’an 40:73Allah will taunt the Christians in hell, saying: Where are all my parnters that you used to believe in?

            Ishaq:364 “Muslims, take not Jews and Christians as friends. Whoever protects them becomes one of them, they become diseased, and will earn a similar fate.”

          17. Les Legato says:

            Re all the “honorable muslims”, you’re right, I forgot how so many millions of them have been marching since 9/11 protesting AQ using islam for terror.

            Oh wait, it wasn’t millions, it was hundreds of thousands, No, wait, it was thousands…hundreds? A DOZEN?

            You need to read the HISTORY of islam, you need to read up on dar al haab v dar al islam – you have been duped.

          18. James Brookson says:

            haha… You’re an idiot…

            Aryan Brotherhood doesn’t exist outside of Prisons.

      2. ML NJ says:

        It’s not a religion. It’s a Military Organization and a culture. The culture demeans women, considering little more important than goats. (Or less? Do the Saudis ever lock goats in a burning building.)

        The males are taught at a young age that the females who do not wear burqas are fair game, sort of the same way the politicians view taxpayers.

        1. Noyb Nal says:

          Isn’t that culture? I have lovely Muslim friends from Iran & Abu Dhabi. I assure you that they are not like that. But yes, there is a war on women going on in the Middle East. Sadly, it seems to be happening in Sweden, as well.

          1. ML NJ says:

            I’m not sure I understand your comment. Yes, it is Muslim culture to rape women. Not all Muslims participate, for sure, just as not all Jews go to synagogue on Saturday, or all Christians go to church on Sunday.

          2. Noyb Nal says:

            I mean – a societal culture. I think it is a bit odd that you would equate rape to going to synagogue. I would liken it more to the culture of violence. I did see this, that seems to support your theory: Let’s be real, stoning women for perceived adultery, treating women like property, child brides, female genital mutilation… there is the real war on women.

          3. ML NJ says:

            Maybe you have difficulty with the English language?

            I did not equate rape with going to synagogue. My point was that in any generalization about a group, that generalization will not be true of every member of the group. The equivalence is that neither rape nor going to synagogue is ordained by the scripture of the respective groups but each has become rather common within its respective group..

          4. Noyb Nal says:

            I don’t even know how to respond to that. You said ‘neither rape nor going to synagogue is ordained by the scripture’ ok – still a weird comparison.

            Thanks for your comment.

          5. ML NJ says:

            The reason it has to be “weird” is that religions like Judaism and Christianity don’t have or advocate practices which civilized peoples have outlawed.

          6. Noyb Nal says:

            ok thanks

    2. Les Legato says:

      Of course their ‘religion” is relevant. Muslims are raping non-muslims all over Europe and it’s idiots like you who apologize for them that ARE ENABLING THEM.

      You might as well convert to islam (if you haven’t already) considering how much you defend them.