School Shooter Stopped By Armed Resource Officer – What Was It That Wayne LaPierre Said?

Earlier today a was student shot with a small caliber handgun and a teacher received minor injuries at an Atlanta middle school.  The shooter, another student, was quickly apprehended by an armed police resource officer.  Reports indicate that the student was shot in the back of the neck, as a result of an earlier altercation with the alleged shooter.  The teacher was slightly injured while attempting to run from the scene. 

Of course any school shooting is a terrible tragedy, but in this case there was an armed officer on the scene, who was able to subdue the shooter “within minutes”, which begs the question, was Wayne LaPierre right when he called for armed guards at the nation’s schools?

As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports,

School officials praised the response of the officer, an off-duty Atlanta police officer, but offer few details of the incident, which happened on the school campus between the main building and the gym.

Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Erroll Davis said that the school followed security protocol in putting a “hard lock down” into effect while Atlanta Police Department SWAT team searched the building room by room to be sure it was secure.

What isn’t clear is how the suspect was able to get the gun into the school. The school does have metal detectors, yet somehow the gun made it onto campus even with the required security measures in place.  So let us review… a student brought a gun to a middle school and somehow got it past on-site metal detectors.  The same student was able to shoot a boy that he had a fight with, but was quickly taken down by an armed school resource officer.

Maybe the shooter was unaware but there are laws against children having guns, especially in gun free school zones because had he known, he surely wouldn’t have brought the gun to school.  And I have to wonder, had the officer not been there, do you think anybody would have been able to take down the suspect with a pair of scissors, as the Department of Homeland Security suggested this week?

Hey just sayin…. maybe Mr. LaPierre was on to something.

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