Xbox Project Scorpio Price Leaked?

By Stephanie

Earlier today, the gaming world got a bit of a surprise when news exploded onto the internet that a Spanish retailer might have accidentally leaked the price of the Xbox Project Scorpio console before the official announcement that is expected to take place at E3 in June.  Twitter user DesiXBL spotted the listed price on Spanish website for Xbox Project Scorpio and posted a picture on Twitter for all the see. According to the site, the console was priced at 399 Euro, (which is roughly $430 US). The listing has since been taken down, but not before several more users were able to acquire screenshots of the listing.

Project Scorpio has had many people watching information closely since it’s announcement. Many gamers are excited to find new information about the console considering once it is released it will be the most powerful gaming console on the market. The specs that Xbox has released on their site has brought much hype considering many were let down by Xbox One. This was their response to what the gamers were asking for.

If we are to consider that this may truly be the retail price for the Project Scorpio, it is not as expensive as what was originally be speculated. Especially when we take a moment to remember that Xbox One Day One Edition of the console was the same price when it was released for sale. If this was not the true sale price for the console, it does bring up the question, will this change the pricing Xbox had decided up. Only time will tell as the countdown to E3 and the much-anticipated Xbox panel continues, but at this time, Xbox has not made any statements to acknowledge or deny the price that was seen.

Lead image used with permission from Mack Male via Creative Commons 3.0. Obtained from