Bioware Reveals Results of Mass Effect Andromeda Survey

By Stephanie

Bioware is well known for wanting the hear the feedback from the fans by using multiple avenues. Bioware has heard the cries of the fans on what they have not liked about the games they have released and use it to create patches to correct problems or try to improve as they move forward in a series. Mass Effect Andromeda has been no exception. From the apology letter to the outcry they received from upset fans regarding a transgender character, to Patch 1.5 that was release to correct some flawed character designs and bugs that were in the game, but Bioware hasn’t stopped there. They still wanted to know more of how the fans felt regarding specifics of the game. They sent an email to select number of fans via their email, promoted on Twitter, and people could even send the link to friends to take the survey. They allowed a week for the survey to be completed. Now, they have released the results of this 1042-person survey and we will be sharing the results of each category.

The first section of the survey that is covered is the “Overall Review”. When the votes were tallied to the first question, “How would you rate Mass Effect: Andromeda overall?” 30.3% voting the game an 8/10. 23.9% gave it a 9/10. This was very interesting to read considering the outcry from fans on how buggy the game had been, some of these bugs including bugged saves that would delete the play-through. Regarding “How would you rate the Single Player overall?”, 36.4% gave it an eight out of ten, with a close runner up of 27.1% giving it a nine. This vote does help to support that fans really did enjoy the overall game experience. “How would you rate the Multiplayer overall?” had 28.2% voting it an 8/10, but it was a very close call with 22.9% voting it a 7/10. It has been known that the multiplayer has been having issues when people dropping into games and matching people with similar levels, but it is also something that Bioware attempted to fixed with the last patch, though there are many reviews online that claim it made it worse. The overall rating give the game a 7.8/10.

Story Review time! When asked, “How would you rate the Story?” 27.9% gave it an 8/10. The runner up was 9/10 supported by 23.5%. Not bad considering there are some parts in the game where the story line is shaky, there are multiple parts where the dialogue scripted could have been improved, and right now I will save you from the rants of the endless hide and seek side missions you are sent on. “Which was your favorite Story element?” had Ally, Relationship, and loyalty Missions winning the vote with 36.0% followed by Character and Crew at 23.6%. The other two popular choices were Main Quest & Priority Ops Missions and the overall Universe, Worldbuilding and Alien Races with 16.6% and 12.0%. Without any surprise, “Which was your *LEAST* favorite Story element?” took home the winner of Side missions, Strike Missions, Heleus Assignments and Additional Tasks with a whopping 60.8%. Dialogue and Universe, Worldbuilding and Alien Races trailed far behind with 9.6% and 9%. “Who was your favorite Love Interest?” took the winner of Peebee at 24.9% followed by Cora at 19.9% Vetra and Jaal followed as the other popular love interests with 15.5% and 14.1%. This vote surprised me a bit. “Who was your favorite Character overall?” took the winner of Nakmor Drack with 19.4% and the runner-up of Jaal with 13.4, and Sara Ryder in third with 11.4%. Notable mentions were Vetra at 9.8%, Peebee at 9.5% and Scott Ryder with 9%. I won’t lie, I was excited to see this result since my two favorite male characters came out of top! “Who was your *LEAST* favorite Character overall?” took the winner of Foster Addison with 23.1%, Liam in second with 14.0%, and Cora coming in third at 9.1%.

Next, we move on to the Gameplay Review section. Gameplay took the rating of 34.1% giving it a 9/10, while 25.3% giving it an 8/10, and 20.2% giving it a 10/10. Game performance had 26% giving it a 7/10, closely followed by 23.1 giving it an 8/10 and 15.6% giving it a 6/10. RPG Elements, Powers and Profiles takes the lead for favorite Gameplay element with the vote of 41.2% with notable mentions to Jetpack & Movement at 34.0% and Nomad & Exploration at 9.6% Least favorite Gameplay element at Squad Control coming out on top with 25.6%, but it narrowly beat Galaxy Map & Planet Scanning coming in second with 25.1%, and Inventory & Item Economy with 22.4%. Player’s choice for favorite Ammo Management System was no contest for the ME2/3-style Milky Way Weapons with 74.7%. Another category that hosted with Aesthetics Review. The overall Aesthetics took home an 8.05/10 with most fans voting 9/10 with 30.3%. Favorite Aesthetic element was voted to be Environments with 57.8%, followed by Voice Acting at 15.0% and Design of characters, species and weapons at 11.3%. The least favorite aesthetic came as no surprise with Body & Facial Animations taking home this vote with 79.5%. After the angry outcry from fans, Bioware had to expect this result. Favorite Hub Location had the Tempest take the lead with 62.8%, followed by Nexus & the Ark Hyperion with 18.2% and Kadara with 11.8%.

With the results of this survey, hopefully Bioware will adjust and corrections moving forward. They help a smaller survey which hosted only 542 voters on future DLC ranging from story to multiplayer, or items. Many fans want DLC that continues from the ending, circles around the crew, or gives now locations to explore. It is obvious that fans are hungry for more. Only time will tell what Bioware has in store moving forward now they have seen the results.

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