The University Diversity Scam

Prager University is a free source of Christian, Libertarian thought; mainly in the form of YouTube videos. Each YouTube video is a “course” and lasts for 5 minutes. The professors in these courses include some pretty big names such as Alan Dershowitz, Tammy Bruce, Jonah Goldberg, Walter Williams, and George Will. As these videos are worth your time, Tavern Keepers will start featuring them from time to time along with comment. Today’s video deals with the multi-million dollar scam that is “diversity” at colleges and universities. While this huge bureaucracy claims to promote free thought and “inclusion”, it is really a path to a narrow politically correct path  that stifles individual thought and promotes group-think.

A bureaucracy built on trying to make sure that no-one is ever offended can only end in no one being allowed to have freedom of speech. There is no right to not be offended and anyone that suggests there is is trying to control you. Everyone decides when they are offended which makes any attempt to prevent that from happening both impossible and insidious. Here is the video:

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