An Al-Qaeda Sympathizer Worked for the IRS

Is anyone surprised by anything that happens at the IRS anymore? It seems that for the tax collection / brown shirt division of the executive branch, anything goes as long as you are not a conservative group that believes in following the Constitution. As proof, here is the sorted story of one Mohammad Weiss Rasool. In 1996, Rasool immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan. He was hired by the Fairfax County Police Department  as a police officer in 2000 and did well enough that he was eventually promoted to sergeant in 2007. As part of his job, Rasool had access to a national criminal database that contained the names of terror suspects. As Rasool was in actuality an Al Qaeda sympathizer (if not a member), he accessed the database at least 15 times to check and see if acquaintances had fallen under the watch of the FBI. When he found that one had, he reached out and warned them. The suspect was Abdullah Alnoshan, a close associate of Al Qaeda cleric Anwar Awlaki who was in turn involved in the attacks on 9/11. When he went to trial, Rasool claimed he didn’t know the terror target. It was only after the tape of his warning to Alnoshan was played that he confessed and was convicted of illegally searching a federal database. In the message Rasool told Alnoshan:

Umm, as I told you, I can only tell you if it comes back to a person or not a person, and all three vehicles did not come back to an individual person. So, I just wanted to give you that much.

Before his sentencing, Rasool gave a tearful statement:

If I could turn back time, I would maybe do things different, he said. It was an error in judgment. I never intended for things to turn out this way. I dont know what to say to you or anyone. . . . I admit I made errors of judgment. But I never intended to put anybodys life at risk.

After ending his entanglement with the law (he got probation), Rasool has changed his name becoming  a financial management analyst for the Internal Revenue Service. In other words, a man that was convicted for aiding an Al Qaeda terrorist (by accessing federal databases) was able to get a job working at the IRS where he had access to sensitive information on millions of Americans. Can you imagine the potential harm?

  • Sharing personal information with terrorists allowing them to obtain official documents.
  • Sharing personal information with terrorists who conduct identity theft rings to raise money for global jihad.
  • Keeping an eye on terrorist organizations that are hiding as charities and making sure they don’t raise any suspicion.

Weiss Rasool, or Weiss Russell as he is now called, has no business working in any position where he has access to sensitive information. Even if he made a completely stupid and innocent mistake with his actions, how can he be trusted not to make the same kind of mistake again in his new position of power and privilege? Between this with the IRS and the debacle with healthcare navigators, are there any screenings any longer to go to work for the federal government beyond ensuring you don’t believe in following the Constitution?


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