George Soros praises GOP establishment, wants ‘proper global governance’

Billionaire and left-wing activist George Soros

Billionaire George Soros wrote an OpEd that was re-published yesterday the Moscow Times, where he gave his two cents on the state of the global economy, while lamenting a lack of proper global governance.

The main take-away from the press on the ranting post was Soros’ prediction of a Chinese debt disaster, which prompted William Pesek of Bloomberg to observe wryly,

“…Soros probably shouldn’t expect any warm invitations to Beijing — not with the much-reviled short seller warning of a giant Chinese crash.”

While the media focused on Soros’ statements on China, much less discussed were his comments on the “establishment Republicans” and the Tea Party.

It is fascinating, and very telling, that the Tea Party is so feared. After all, we are just a bunch of old, white racists, right? But the most revealing aspect of Soros’ anti-austerity, anti-Angela Merkel (whose policies are evidently empowering extremists) rant, were his comments on the Republican establishment.

Soros said,

“More surprising, the polarization of U.S. politics shows signs of reversing. The two-party system worked reasonably well for two centuries because both parties had to compete for the middle ground in general elections. Then the Republican Party was captured by a coalition of religious and market fundamentalists, later reinforced by neoconservatives that moved it to a far-right extreme. The Democrats tried to catch up to capture the middle ground, and both parties colluded in gerrymandering Congressional districts. As a consequence, activist party primaries took precedence over general elections.

That completed the polarization of U.S. politics. Eventually, the Republican Party’s Tea Party wing overplayed its hand. After the recent debacle of the government shutdown, what remains of the Republican establishment has begun fighting back, and this should lead to a revival of the two-party system.” [emphasis added]

Of course, anyone who has been paying attention to politics in the United States must surely be aware that the left, in actuality, has gone way to the extreme. Democrats (many unwittingly) have embraced the Socialist ideology. In fact, this author would like to know what Democrats believe is the difference between the two.

Socialists want more taxes, gun-control, open borders, abortion on demand. Socialists dream of a secular society that they want to impose on believers, and they obsessively focus on skin-color and “Colonialism,” and relentlessly perpetuate class-warfare. They are against what they refer to as “austerity,” but only offer the vague alternative of taking more from others in order to “invest” in the people. Thier focus on slavery ignores slavery that happens around the world even today. Their focus on gay-rights and women is selective, as well. They ignore the plight of Christians in the Middle East, and obsessively vilify white men. They hate the free market and seek to regulate it out of existence. They are global warming alarmists, seeking to use this “science” to justify taking more. They re-write history, belittling the good and harping disproportionately on the bad. They want a single-payer healthcare system.

Tell me, how are Socialists different from Democrats?

The “establishment Republicans,” are praised by George Soros because they sit idly by and watch the destruction around them. The Tea Party is a threat and is therefore misrepresented around the world as “racist,” “extreme,” etc.

Why? Because they get in the way of the ultimate goal: global governance.

Soros finishes his OpEd with this chilling statement:

The other great unresolved problem is the absence of proper global governance. The lack of agreement among the United Nations Security Council’s five permanent members is exacerbating humanitarian catastrophes in countries like Syria or allowing global warming to proceed largely unhindered. But in contrast to the Chinese conundrum, which will come to a head in the next few years, the absence of global governance may continue indefinitely.” [emphasis added]

If you believe in the Constitution and the free market, if you believe that those same things that made America a world power in the first place should be restored in order to be that “a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere,” if you believe in instilling honor and integrity and charity in children, and if you believe in teaching history (good and bad) in a way that makes children proud of how far we came, and determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past; If you believe in the free market and the right of all individuals to pursue their path to happiness without intervention from the government in the form of excessive taxes and outrageous regulations; if you believe in the bill of rights…

Do not vote for an “establishment” Republican.

Conservatives must insist that the GOP establishment does not hand select their local, state and national representatives. Gone are the days when people should vote for others based on the (D) or the the (R) after their names.


Image Source: Reuters via Examiner

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