EU offers Muslim Brotherhood 5 billion euros


The European Union announced at a Sunday press conference that it has offered Egypt 5 billion euros in grants and loans.  The loan is part of a package that Egypt plans on receiving after it reaches an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.   European Union President Herman Van Rompuy also announced that a free trade agreement between the EU and Egypt would soon be negotiated.  At the press conference, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made the following statements:

"I assure you that we are fully committed to building a constitutional Egyptian state; a country of institutions; the civil state we all dream of," he said, adding that upcoming parliamentary elections would mark the "final step" in the building of the state.

"The development of democracy in Egypt is a good guarantee of our cooperation with the EU.”

According to the EU President:

"The EU will stand by your side as a friend, neighbor and partner on this path."


File:Protes morsi.jpg

Egyptians protest what their nation is becoming under the Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt is becoming an Islamist state at a shocking rate of speed and the West is bending over backwards to give them money and military hardware to ensure their success.  Ok seriously, did Europe not get the memo on who controls Egypt now, are they pro Islamist, or do they naively think they can control the Muslim Brotherhood with free trade agreements and loans?   I’m guessing its the last one and the evil they are trying to control with money will turn on them in due time. 



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