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As the carefully crafted Hamas narrative crumbles…

Hamas militants by a rocket launcher

As the carefully crafted Hamas narrative crumbles, activists, journalists and politicians and other such propaganda-pushers are faced with a dilemma. Do they now throw the weight of their support behind the embattled Israel, who – as it turns out – has been exercising “unimaginable restraint” in responding to missile attacks originating from the terrorists? Throughout the recent conflict with Israel ... Read More »

Tyranny! Dept of Justice, NAACP, Mayor investigating Obama float


Regarding a parade float featuring President Obama’s “presidential library” portrayed as an outhouse, Norfolk, Nebraska’s Mayor, Sue Fuchtman confirmed to the local news, KMTV, that “she and the city administrator would be meeting with a representative of the Department of Justice before the meeting with the NAACP” that is “being facilitated by the Department of Justice.” Liberty Unyielding’s Howard Portnoy ... Read More »

Hate Crime Hoax: Quran burnings perpetrated by Iraqi native

Qurans_found_burning_in_Dearborn_1700380000_6256919_ver1.0_900_675 (1)

It turns out that “a spate of Quran burnings,” including one in front of a mosque in Dearborn, Mich., were hate crime hoaxes, perpetrated by Ali Hassan Al-Asadi, an Iraqi native living in Detroit. Ali Hassan Al-Asadi said he did it because was angry about “the imams and Muslims at local mosques who refused to help him with several financial problems he was facing.” Sheikh Husham Al-Husainy, ... Read More »

Flashback! FDR on Hugo Black KKK scandal: ‘I know only what I have read in the newspapers’

Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black featured in 1937 news reel

After Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed Justice Hugo Black to the Supreme Court, it was revealed that he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. While this fact is vastly diminished in history books, Black’s involvement in the KKK was confirmed by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette journalist Ray Sprigle, a journalist who won a “Pulitzer Prize for Reporting” for his exposé. As an aside, Ray Sprigle ... Read More »

The radical left responds to Supreme Court rulings

supreme court citizens united

Two separate Supreme Court rulings fueled the angst of some on the left Monday. In one case, the Supreme Court ruled that employers can opt out of an Obamacare requirement that forced them to cover certain abortion-inducing “contraceptives” despite their religious beliefs. Being pro-life, by the way, is not limited to those with religious beliefs. While the radical left, including the White House, was not happy ... Read More »

Nancy Pelosi tried to silence this speech by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi urged Archbishop Salvatore Joseph Cordileone last month to forego the Annual March for Marriage sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). Pelosi argued that the march was “venom masquerading as virtue,” as reported at SFGate. She went on to say that the participants show “disdain and hate towards LGBT persons.” Nancy Pelosi was not the only one ... Read More »

#RememberMississippi: Will Republicans actually vote for Thad Cochran?


In light of the particularly offensive campaign in Mississippi this month, there is no longer any doubt that establishment Republicans are waging war against anyone who fights for fiscal responsibility and limited government in this time of unsustainable debt and pork-laden projects designed - solely – to keep incumbent government officials in power. At least a dozen black pastors* hatched a scheme to convince “their ... Read More »